The Princess & The Palace – Danni, Ray, and the Little Banqueting House

On a dismal, wet and gloomy monday in August I started to get ready to head to Hampton Court Palace to shoot the wedding of Danni & Ray.

I travelled down the motorway as the rain lashed against the windscreen.

The sky turned black and I’m sure I saw the four horsemen of the apocalypse…….

You get the idea!

Anyway, after parking up and running through the rain wearing a rain jacket for the first time in ages, I arrived at the Little Banqueting House at Hampton Court ready to photograph in the worst conditions that i’ve met all year.

However the weather will never ruin a wedding and it didn’t dampen anyones spirits, least of all mine, and the Grooms’!

Ray was full of smiles and every bit the cheery chap that I had been chatting to before the big day. He was ready for whatever was thrown at him, and his enthusiasm was infectious.

I shot the ceremony set up and began shooting the guests and Ray, as they waited in the venue for the Bride to arrive. It was clear from what I was seeing through the camera that this was not going to be a set of wedding photos in my usual bright, sunny style! However, I was loving the results as I saw the light coming through the windows, lighting the guests from one side and leaving them with the elaborate decor of the Little Banqueting House as a backdrop.

Soon the bride, Danni, arrived and we were set to go.

The ceremony was beautiful. heart-felt and endearing. The setting was perfect.

Walking around the palace wasn’t quite as bad as we all thought it was going to be. Yes, Danni & Ray had umbrellas, but they were all smiles, were completely relaxed with each other, and because they had a later ceremony, we had the palace to ourselves!

On returning to the Little Banqueting House, the ceremony room had been transformed (by the incredible caterers ‘Rhubarb’)  into the most amazing setting for 20-or-so wedding guests to enjoy an intimate wedding breakfast.

I captured some set up shots once again and then photographed a couple of speeches and through the start of the meal.

Then it was my time to leave and I said my goodbyes.

After delivering the images to them, Ray & Danni insisted that we meet up for a coffee so they could say thank you in person. They had read my website back-to-front, seen the ‘about me’ page, and generously gave me a bottle of whisky as a thank you. They were the most amazing couple, and I’m privileged to have been their photographer.

The results are a slightly darker-than-my-usual set of images, but every bit as character driven as my others, and some of my most atmospheric shots ever. I love them!

Danni & Ray LOW res 0037684Danni & Ray LOW res 0128654Danni & Ray LOW res 0147713Danni & Ray LOW res 0167717Danni & Ray LOW res 0207731Danni & Ray LOW res 0618717Danni & Ray LOW res 0608716Danni & Ray LOW res 0587786Danni & Ray LOW res 0567781Danni & Ray LOW res 0447763Danni & Ray LOW res 0397753Danni & Ray LOW res 0308687Danni & Ray LOW res 0298684Danni & Ray LOW res 0367745Danni & Ray LOW res 0508705Danni & Ray LOW res 0527766Danni & Ray LOW res 0537769Danni & Ray LOW res 0228658Danni & Ray LOW res 0787849Danni & Ray LOW res 0017678Danni & Ray LOW res 0057694Danni & Ray LOW res 0077698Danni & Ray LOW res 0657797Danni & Ray LOW res 0677808Danni & Ray LOW res 0807860Danni & Ray LOW res 0817865Danni & Ray LOW res 0837870Danni & Ray LOW res 0847871Danni & Ray LOW res 0857872Danni & Ray LOW res 0877877Danni & Ray LOW res 0897881Danni & Ray LOW res 0938731Danni & Ray LOW res 0957888Danni & Ray LOW res 0987899Danni & Ray LOW res 1007906Danni & Ray LOW res 1027909Danni & Ray LOW res 1077923Danni & Ray LOW res 1097925Danni & Ray LOW res 1117933Danni & Ray LOW res 1127934Danni & Ray LOW res 1168738Danni & Ray LOW res 1187956Danni & Ray LOW res 1418083Danni & Ray LOW res 1448774Danni & Ray LOW res 1428092Danni & Ray LOW res 1458777Danni & Ray LOW res 1498794Danni & Ray LOW res 1538806Danni & Ray LOW res 1558120Danni & Ray LOW res 1588814Danni & Ray LOW res 1698834Danni & Ray LOW res 1628145Danni & Ray LOW res 1788184Danni & Ray LOW res 1738850Danni & Ray LOW res 1838191Danni & Ray LOW res 1868209Danni & Ray LOW res 1888880Danni & Ray LOW res 1938224Danni & Ray LOW res 1968898Danni & Ray LOW res 1978228Danni & Ray LOW res 1998231Danni & Ray LOW res 2008899Danni & Ray LOW res 2138267Danni & Ray LOW res 2158274Danni & Ray LOW res 2198908Danni & Ray LOW res 2218287Danni & Ray LOW res 2248300Danni & Ray LOW res 2288322Danni & Ray LOW res 2458927Danni & Ray LOW res 2328918