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Another Wedding Album to fall in love with!

Hi everyone I received my latest sample album from my album company the other day with yet more wedding images in it and I thought that I would quickly record an iPhone video to show you quality and beauty of this album which I offer my clients. The easiest way to put this video on […]

COMIC SANS FOR CANCER exhibition for Cancer Research

When it comes to charity I don’t currently have any monthly payments set up. Instead myself and my wife choose to give to those we feel need it most, when we are in a financial position to do so. However I am always on the lookout to help charities in a non-financial way i.e. using […]

Stills & Video shoot for a watercolour artist

During the summer last year I met up with an incredible watercolour artist. She has a professional website that she regularly needs to keep updated, and having found out I was a photographer, she asked me if I could help her refresh some of the images of herself. We spent a number of days discussing […]

MICHAEL BUBLE (!) Corporate fun at Hampton Court

I received the schedule for my shoot on 15th September – and there it was, half way down the page…. 19.15-20.15 MITCHELL BUBLE I called my wife immediately – i’m shooting Michael Buble on wednesday night at Hampton Court….. then re-read it. It WAS a typo wasn’t it?! I googled MITCHELL Buble – there is […]