Sparkly Christmas Winter Wedding

20th December 2015 – When everyone else was getting excited about what the bearded man is going to drop down the chimney, Fiona and Rob were getting excited about how to say ‘I do’, and giving each other one of the best christmas presents ever – their dedication to each other for the rest of their lives!

And I was getting excited about capturing it all on camera!

The way I work as a photographer means that pretty much 100% of the time I’m working with like-minded couples; couples who are relaxed, fun, excited, natural and personable, which I love! And none more so than Fiona and Rob. I felt that Rob was a lot like me and this is great for me to have that connection with the Groom especially because often they are the most apprehensive about the photography for their wedding day.

I met with them both in advance at the Tiltyard Cafe at Hampton Court, and we decided that I was going to meet them at the venue on the day, instead of taking the bridal prep shots. I would then work through to first dance, as usual.

Obviously you never know what the weather is going to give you at winter time in the UK, but you can pretty much guarantee that there wont be a huge amount of light in the sky! It was actually terrible weather on the day, but this didn’t matter one bit. The sky was incredibly atmospheric, and knowing that they were getting married that day, Fiona and Rob really didn’t seem to care one bit about the dark skies, puddles, and thunder. Yes. Thunder!

I met with Rob at the Little Banqueting House at Hampton Court Palace, where the ceremony was going to take place, and spent some time photographing them all getting prepped, before Fiona and the rest of the bridal party arrived.

I took a few photos of Fiona and some family/bridesmaids before the ceremony, so that we could save time after the ceremony when we would be losing the light, and we needed to get around the Palace.

She then entered the ceremony room and the ceremony began. It was obvious from the outset how amazing these two were together and how absolutely perfect the wedding would be. It seemed absolutely right. Even when the thunder and lightening crashed outside, they were so absorbed in the exchanging of rings, that they admitted to me afterwards that they didn’t even notice how bad the weather had got!

For me, I lost a huge amount of light in the ceremony room, which means a darker edit in the final photos, but I always say…..what you get on the day, will be delivered in the photos and the amount of light wont change the smiles and laughter! (how cheesy!)

The ceremony went beautifully and I was soon working with Fiona and Rob around the palace on their couple shots.

Then it was back to the reception and friends/family at the Garden Room, but only after a quick kiss under the mistletoe at the Garden Room entrance!

Hampton Court had provided an incredible backdrop of fairly lights inside the Garden Room, which were so so special we just had to capture the group shots in front of them, and they were beautiful to light the background of the speeches.

The afternoon and evening progressed perfectly as they went pretty much straight into cutting of the cake, dinner, speeches and first dance.

I really had a brilliant time with Fiona and Rob and their thoughts on the photos can be found on my Facebook page HERE

As always a selection of the edits can be seen below, if you’re planning a winter wedding at any venue and you want photos like these, contact me for my winter special rates.

‘Til next time x

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