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Official Supplier of Photography for the TOWER OF LONDON!

Hi Everyone! Just a very quick post this time. After an application process that has been going on for the last few months, I’m overjoyed to say that I’ve been made an official photographer for the Tower Of London! This, coupled with my official photographer status at Hampton Court Palace, will mean that I’m working […]

COMIC SANS FOR CANCER exhibition for Cancer Research

When it comes to charity I don’t currently have any monthly payments set up. Instead myself and my wife choose to give to those we feel need it most, when we are in a financial position to do so. However I am always on the lookout to help charities in a non-financial way i.e. using […]

Stills & Video shoot for a watercolour artist

During the summer last year I met up with an incredible watercolour artist. She has a professional website that she regularly needs to keep updated, and having found out I was a photographer, she asked me if I could help her refresh some of the images of herself. We spent a number of days discussing […]

MICHAEL BUBLE (!) Corporate fun at Hampton Court

I received the schedule for my shoot on 15th September – and there it was, half way down the page…. 19.15-20.15 MITCHELL BUBLE I called my wife immediately – i’m shooting Michael Buble on wednesday night at Hampton Court….. then re-read it. It WAS a typo wasn’t it?! I googled MITCHELL Buble – there is […]


I’ll keep this one quick….. As quick as I know how! A good while back now I was asked to shoot 3 UK celebs for Weight Watchers – so that the photos could be sent over to the head of Weight Watchers USA. It was the first time I had shot celebrities and to say […]